Welcome to the New Year – Whats on Offer?

Hello to you all in 2006,

What will the new year bring us in the world of the internet?

Will Telecom be reigned in by the NZ Commerce Commission? I think there will be some action, but I also think there will be challenges by Telecom to any significant rulings against them to prolong any remedial action.

Prices will probably drop in the current Broadband market, but it wont be soon, and it wont be much.

However, one possible shining light is the current WIMAX trials in Northland and other parts of the country. Following Googles foray into this market with their investment in an American power company, this may be a way of bypassing the local copper networks and provide some real competition. Watch this space for any updates.

I must be the only person who didn’t get an iPod Nano or other flavor. Local auction site Trademe had plently of MP3 players on offer for relatively cheap prices, but not for me this year.

On the Web Development side, Google Analytics is still struggling under the weight of demand. While some people (lucky me) have been given additional sites to be added to their profile, general signups are still on hold.

So onwards and upwards for 2006, it’ll be a goodie.



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