As robotics and programming get more and more advanced, the things these advances can be put against increases too.

From simple algorithms / decision trees and problem solving to more intelligent programs to deal with Chess, draughts and black jack.

Here is a great article on online poker and the things people are doing online to make a buck.

From AI players, used to fleece out beginner players, to more complex hybrid systems to help beat the best.

I have played online Poker before (for no money I might add, too chicken!) using

It was a great bit of fun, winning chips was fun knowing you were not going to lose the house, but over time it got boring.

Thinking I was possibly playing against robots, doesn’t make it any more interesting, I like the fact you could chat to people across the table. See where they were from, what they did.

Why do people have to take the fun out of it?

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