I Love TweetDeck! Best App for Twitter

Twitter is becoming clearer.

Now I have TweetDeck, Twitter becomes a much better experience, I now know when someone I am following has posted something up, and it even allows me to reply from within TweetDeck.

Now the thing with TweetDeck, is that it is a program you install on your PC, think of it like Outlook for Twitter (Though much better and definitely not a Microsoft thing)

I means you do not have to refresh twitter to see what people are saying. It also means you can get notifications when there are new tweets in your stream.

I can see when I have been mentioned (@deepwebdesign) and also a list of my direct messages to other Twitter users.

But the real benefit, it to create groups of users so you can filter out the people you really want to hear from and leave some of the noise behind.

I can’t believe how much it has changed my Twitter experience.

The only downside is that it is a bit memory hungry (over 100mb of user memory when running, written in Adobe AIR)

But overall one of the few apps I am really happy about.

Click here to download TweetDeck

They also have TweetDeck for iPhone

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2 thoughts on “I Love TweetDeck! Best App for Twitter”

  • Hi Steven,
    I agree that Tweet Deck is a great tool for using Twitter – my only concern with using it is that it seems to really slow down my laptop when it’s on….is this because its an application and using adobe air? If I shut it down every now and then it seems to help, any other suggestions to improve its performance? Do you have the same problem?

    • Hi Michelle,

      Tweetdeck uses about 100mb of memory to run, that it definitely because of it being built using Air, I don’t find it slowing down my machine though. I have enough problems with too many apps running (So an extra 100mb of memory is a bit of an issue)

      Sorry I don’t have a solution to it running slow


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