ANZ Bank Phishing Target Again

These phishing attempts are usually found by my virus scanner, but this one got through.

Anz Bank

We’d like to inform you that your Secure Messages Center has 1 new message.

Please login to your Online Banking and visit the Secure Message Center section in order to
read the message.

Log On to Online Banking.

(The Message Center contains only important information about your account and online banking.)

Copyright Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited ABN 11 005 357 522, 1996-2011.
ANZ’s colour blue is a trade mark of ANZ.


The log on link goes to http:// nogueirametalurgica . com . br/www . anz . com/index . php

This is a typical ploy where they hide the link to a hacked website. Here they have placed a site that looks the same as the target (This time ANZ) and hope that you do not look at the link that appears in the URL section of your browser.

Whenever you get a dodgy email, you can often just hover over the link in the email, and the email program will show you the link that you will be taken to.

If it is anything like this, then stay away

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2 thoughts on “ANZ Bank Phishing Target Again”

  • An all to common occurance – if you received one of these e-mails, best thing to do is delete it and if you have followed the link, contact your Bank ASAP!!
    Another one to look out for is the cold calls from the Computer Support Department wanting to remotely fix your PC and charge you for installing Key logging software.

    • Yes, fortunately virus/spam checking software gets most of them. Not had a call yet from the support department, but I know of a guys who kept them going for 45 minutes on the phone before they gave up 🙂

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