iPad2 – a bit of a yawn?

You are either one or you are not.

Most definitely I am not. It harkens back to the day when I was at University and spent the entire 3 years of my computer science degree and did not touch a PC at all.

Now, I have always thought that Universities are supposed to prepare you for your career after you leave, but to not even use a PC is a bit of a joke.

Anyway, we used Apple computers for the first two years doing programming and other things. My flatmate was an Apple devotee, I was not. I can see the design aesthetics, I can sometimes see the usability benefits. But I much preferred my PC.

Zoom forward nearly 20 years and we have now have two iterations of the iPad.

I am using one (v1) at the moment for a client project and so have had quite a play with it.

It’s nice, it’s easy to use (for some things) and it makes my kids go all gooey, but it still leaves me cold.

My smartphone and my laptop seem to be a better combination that the iPad. It just seems to me to be a device that does things OK, but it doesn’t seem to fit a need.

What is there that the iPad can do that other devices can’t? What is it that made it a “must have” device?

Seeing the recent launch hysteria of the iPad 2 makes me wonder if it is any better than the original.

Can anyone help me out with this one?

iPhone 4’s Reception Problems

As a company who has high expectation about design and usability of it’s products. Apple really seem to have gotten it wrong this time, if reports of the difficulties with the iPhone 4’s signal reception bear out to be true.

I can’t believe that a product can reach production without an issue like this being known.

Was the leak of the iPhone prototype the cause of rushing the product before it was ready?

Reports of Class Action lawsuits and leaks of instructions call centre staff are to give disgruntled users are surfacing showing that the issue is real and that Apple are moving to, at least at this stage, play down the issue.

One of the responses has been to hold the phone a different way. I wonder if there is a specific Apple way to hold the phone, maybe like a secret handshake that they have forgotten to tell their followers?

I would expect that the design will be changed, quietly, but with over 1.7 Million units sold in the first few days, there are plenty of people out there with a potential handling issue.

Is this a case of aesthetic design overpowering functional design? Trying to be ahead of the other smartphones?

Steve Jobs runs a pretty closed shop, part of the reason why Apples reaction to the leaked prototype was so intense. A flaw like this would be a real dent in the PR armour of Apple.

Super Fast Broadband – Now the fine print starts to appear

I talked yesterday about the announcement from Telecom that they will be offering a service using VDSL2 technology to allow customers huge increases in broadband speed from around 5mbps to 50 mbps for downloads and from around 0.7 mbps to 20mbps upload.

I also talked about whether these speeds will be theoretical maximums or reality.

Well those questions are still unanswered, but it now appears that the new service will attract a premium cost.

Now, they have said it will be small, but how many other “extras” there might be. Will we have to buy a new modem? Will there be minimum contracts.

I wonder what the increase on current plans will be? 10%, 20%

What will the market accept to get these increased speeds

VDSL2 – Is it going to be as good as they say?

Telecom have announced their next generation broadband network will allow download speeds of up to 50mbps and upload of 20mbps.

Now if this is true, it is going to make my life and many people who rely on the internet as a medium for large amounts of data.

It also addresses one of my beliefs that telecommuting and being able to work from any location without the impedance of slow internet access is a necessity.

Sharing data between co workers and clients is necessary in the days or larger and larger chunks of data (see the size of unedited digital camera images)

But how good will it really be?

My current maximum download speed is around 4-5mbps, which is faster than a number of people I know.

50 will be frightening!

But since many of my sites are hosted in the US, how will the Southern Cross Cable handle all of this extra data.

Will I get anywhere near 50mbps for anything other than locally derived content?

Will ISP’s need more aggressive caching to allow these speeds?

Or is this just “Telecomspeak” for what in ideal circumstances and with your tongue in the right direction is possible.

Well the first rollout starts 2nd quarter 2009

I might have it by Christmas, the cabinet is just across the road, Yay

ADSL / Broadband at 100mbps – Thats Superfast!

An Australian researcher has provided an algorithm to produce speeds of up to 100mbps on existing ADSL networks.

If this is correct, this will be one of the most significant shifts in the internet’s infrastructure.

Content will shift to more real-time and social networking sites and rich media sites will boom. Web TV will also become more viable with near LAN speeds.
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WiMax war hotting up

The local Wimax war gets hotter by the day as the looming auction of spectrum closes in. After delaying it already, the Government needs to make sure they dont shoot the industry in the foot by pandering to the largest players.

To do so would destroy the benefits delivered by unbundling.

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Apple on the Front Foot

Have you seen the new Apple ads for the Mac?

Apple have been very quiet on the PC front, possibly since the release of Vista they see a time where a customer is making a new PC choice due to the demands on the hardware and an opportunity to get in front of the punters to see if they can make some inroads.

I dont think it will make too much of a difference, people are very resistant to change and to move from a Windows machine to Mac is a big step.

Thats possibly why Apple is using very emotive TV ads to put their point across. Viruses, iLife and other things to make Macs more appealing.
Have a look at these http://www.apple.com/getamac/ads/

However, 90+% of the market is hard to ignore, so it may take a while…

Till Next Time


iPhone the way of the future?

Some people will be trembling in their boots now that Apple have released the iPhone. While none of their competitors will be saying publicly, this is one announcement that is sure to cuase some serious ripples.

iPhoneIs it the killer product that some have been waiting for? Quite possibly. Mobile phone handset makers such as Nokia, Ericcson, Samsung and others now have to make a choice: do they wait and see or make a move now.

Microsoft was late with the Zune and they have a hopeless task of making up the market share. Will they wait just as long with their own version of the iPhone or learn from their mistakes and get going on a new product.

I can see Microsoft joining with a handset maker to build a phone capable Zune in a short space of time.

People will buy an iPhone, just because of what it is, so they have a headstart already.

iPhoneWill you? In NZ they will retail for about $800-$900, quite pricey for a handset here, but if you are willing to pay $600 for an iPod the extra money wont be a problem.

Well done Apple, looks like a winner.

Cheap Broadband? I’m hoping but not holding my breath

Telecom has been dealt a blow in it’s attempts to keep Telstraclear out of the Broadband game with a ruling handed down by the Telecommunications Commission. They have indicated that Telecom must provide internet access at the fastest rate possible, nearly quadrupling the current fastest rate.

The NZ Herald has even run a story boldly stating that it will mean cheaper broadband by Christmas, but I am sure there is a lot of work to be done before that is a reality.

By the end of October the ruling will be determined and binding, we are waiting on submissions for or against to be presented.

While this ruling effectively only applies to Teltstraclear, other ISP’s will feel they have a stronger case to get a better deal from Telecom.

Will we see the benefits? Christmas may be a little too soon.

Till next time