The start of the year has been a busy time and we have been working with some great businesses on their websites

Here are a few we have been working on

Freestyle Construction
Christiansen Building Services
Whangarei Menswear and Suit Hire
Northland Seedling Nursery
Turners Tree Care
Kerikeri Football Club
Robert Van der Touw Design

We have a number of others in the pipeline, so things are pumping here

It has been fun and exciting times at Deepweb as we create brand new websites, move more and more of our clients onto the Mobile Friendly sites, for some bringing content up to date and for others SEO – search engine optimisation.

It has been a privilege and a joy to work with Top New Zealand Business owners to build their Business Advertising and Brand awareness in their market place of choice.

A new site that uses a very visual style to complement the great NZ images.

We provided the shell of the site to the client, with page templates so that they could complete the sites content with a consistency of style.

This is an example of a collaborative approach to the build, where most of the content is inputted by the client with Deepweb providing advice and assistance where necessary.

In addition, help with SEO and providing tools and techniques to help with their performance in the search engines.

Law 2 Web is a industry specific web consultancy firm and in partnership with Deepweb provides Lawyers with expertise around Websites and other internet specific areas.

The site was created to showcase these areas of expertise and to provide information to the industry on things web related that can impact on them

We put together a website for Air New Zealand’s staff health scheme to provide a place where people can get information and also supply information via online forms to manage their membership.

The custom online forms are integrated into the WordPress site and allow for submission of supporting documents with the form content.

Kerikeri Teas website was converted from a static site to WordPress so that the client could update the content.

We then added WooCommerce, a e-commerce plugin for WordPress to add a shopping cart facility. Using Paypal to take payments, they are now taking online orders.

The WooCommerce plugin allows for product variations (in this case, sizes and flavours) to give flexibility to the shopping carts inventory


Forestwalks is a WordPress site that has had a recent update to it’s design.

Working with a local graphic design firm, we implemented their design and added the appropriate functionality to deliver on the design firms template.

A long term use of the blog, has meant that there are plenty of pages of content for visitors to consume.

We have worked with the owners to encourage social media use and they regularly use Twitter and Facebook to drive visitors to their site.