Rugby World Cup – can I say that?

So after 6 or so weeks, the 2011 Rugby World cup finishes with the final tonight pitting the hosts New Zealand against their bogey team France.

Now while I expect the All Blacks to win, I don’t think it will be as easy as some are predicting.

The only way I see the French having achance is if they come out with huge intensity and get over 14 points clear in the first 20 minutes.

Then doubt would come in and spoil the AB’s gameplan.

However, I expect a score of around 25 – 13

Come on NZ, win the tournament playing the best rugby – not just winning rugby, but winning rugby that is entertaining to watch!

Attack on Rugby Player Made Up

I posted earlier about a French Rugby player who was attacked on his way back to the teams hotel after playing the All Blacks in Wellington.

After pressure from the NZ Police based on their investigation he has admitted to making up the story to cover up his being drunk and falling over a table.

The award for stating the obvious must go for this

“I panicked and I dug myself deeper into a hole.”

Now the reputation clean up begins

Police Hoping for Internet Video Footage to Catch Assailants

Mathieu Bastareaud was attacked on the weekend after his tram has lost to the All Blacks on Saturday night. After leaving a venue to return to the team hotel he was attacked and suffered a suspected broken eye socket and needed four stitches to his face.

What makes this interesting, is that since there appear to be no witnesses and Bastareaud was unsighted, the police have said they are looking for footage posted on to the internet by the attackers.

Wellington area commander Inspector Pete Cowan said it was possible one of the attackers may have recorded the incident on a cellphone and police were monitoring the internet in case any footage surfaced.

Now, there have been plenty of people caught in the past from video footage of fights (in schools and other places), but have the Police now made it less likely the attackers will post the video knowing the Police are looking.

The lure of the infamy may be enough for these people to post the video, or they may not read or listen to the new, but it does seem strange.

Maybe they should monitor Twitter for mentions of it too.