Lottery Winning Scam – Phishing Again

The anglers are at it again, phishing for your personal details.

I got two emails this morning, both titled “Royal win!” to two different addresses. Aren’t I lucky to win two 1st category prizes. Especially when I didn’t enter!

PDF’s are attached that ask for personally identifiable information, such as Passport, Drivers License or other ID.

Together this, with the other standard info such as contact info, can be all that is required for identity theft.

Don’t fall for these kinds of scams. Any time someone is asking for information that can be used for identification such as middle name, passport or date of birth, be very careful you know who you are giving it to.

These guys are using the lure of winning money to entice people to hand over these details.

Don’t be fooled.

Below is the email contents, there are also two pdf’s attached, a claim application form and a terms and conditions document.

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