iPad2 – a bit of a yawn?

You are either one or you are not.

Most definitely I am not. It harkens back to the day when I was at University and spent the entire 3 years of my computer science degree and did not touch a PC at all.

Now, I have always thought that Universities are supposed to prepare you for your career after you leave, but to not even use a PC is a bit of a joke.

Anyway, we used Apple computers for the first two years doing programming and other things. My flatmate was an Apple devotee, I was not. I can see the design aesthetics, I can sometimes see the usability benefits. But I much preferred my PC.

Zoom forward nearly 20 years and we have now have two iterations of the iPad.

I am using one (v1) at the moment for a client project and so have had quite a play with it.

It’s nice, it’s easy to use (for some things) and it makes my kids go all gooey, but it still leaves me cold.

My smartphone and my laptop seem to be a better combination that the iPad. It just seems to me to be a device that does things OK, but it doesn’t seem to fit a need.

What is there that the iPad can do that other devices can’t? What is it that made it a “must have” device?

Seeing the recent launch hysteria of the iPad 2 makes me wonder if it is any better than the original.

Can anyone help me out with this one?

Philips Sensual Massager – ie Sex Toy

philips-sex-toy-massager.jpgWell there must be money in this sex lark, as Philips try to get in on the act with their up market massager, with models for him and her. You can see the site here

While Hitachi has been well know in certain circles for their heavy duty massager, not too many other large brand names have taken the plunge into this market.

By why not, estimated at USD97 Billion worldwide, it is a place where people are spending their money, and for some retailers, it is a market that is definitely recession proof.

At between $150 and $300, they are not cheap, but Philips seem to think there is a future in this industry for them

“We found that 40 per cent of couples were uncomfortable with the poorly made and often crude sex toys currently available. We will keep expanding both geographically and in products.”

So who is next? Sony, LG, Panasonic?