Firefox is an Abomination – Unfortunately

Well I suppose it had to happen.

It was all going so well, good memory management, it was fast and had great addons. It was a no brainer to use Firefox as my default browser.

Version 3 was better than Version 2, this is how software evolution was supposed to be.

And the only reason I still had Internet Explorer on my machine was that I needed  it to test my websites.

Chrome was good and fast, but Firefox had all those great addons: FootieFox for my Football scores, WHOIS tools, ScribeFire for writing my blog posts and the best of the lot FireBug.

Alas, since 3.6.8 was released my Firefox utopia has been shattered.

It has gotten to the point that I have had to shift to Chrome. Had to, not wanted to.

The memory leaks were so bad, that after coming back from being away from my desk for half a day, Firefox was consuming over 1gb of memory, for only 4 tabs!

It got to the point where I was rebooting 3 times a day to maintain any speed.

Luckily, since I have moved to Chrome, my work experience is much better, the speed is back and I found that there was an extension for Chrome called Firebug Lite, I am Saved!

If Mozilla sort out the memory problems, I may go back. But the major problems need some serious tweaks.

Have you found your favourite Browser or other software made by non monoply (Microsoft, Adobe) etc has succumbed to bloat and decreasing performance?

Have they gotten lazy as market share has risen?

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3 thoughts on “Firefox is an Abomination – Unfortunately”

  • Completely agree with you there. I used to swear by firefox, and we still recommend it to our clients. But I’ve been noticing the memory issues lately too. We use Macs in the office, but I do remember firefox being terrible on my toshi a few months back.
    How are you finding firebug on chrome? The only reason I’ve stayed with the ‘fox is for the extensions, mainly delicious and firebug. If these were on chrome I think firefox would end up in the same drawer as IE…browser testing only!

    • Yes, Firebug, has a little brother so to speak. It isn’t fully featured, but I have started using it today and it work pretty well (One thing it doesn’t have is the line number of the relevant css style, so you have to go hunting). But overall, Firebug was the key addon for me, and Firebug Lite is good enough to make the switch.

  • I’ll have to try it out. I’ve used chrome and liked it a lot. The web-kit browsers are great but firebug is the greatest web dev plugin of all and I can’t live without it!

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