Dashes vs Underscores for SEO – Winner announced

We have a definitive answer from Google as to what is better for word separation in URLs.

Matt Cutts released one of his Webmaster videos discussing this and while there is not much in it (to the point he said not to change it if you already have underscores), that if you are starting a new site, dashes are the way to go.

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2 thoughts on “Dashes vs Underscores for SEO – Winner announced”

  • IF it actually matters according to Google whether it is dashes or underscores then Google is a pathetic algo – and not worth all the attention.

    • Hi PK, from the video I can understand why there is a difference in relation to search terms, but in the application of it to urls, I would not expect it to be an issue. I am sure they could treat URL dashes and underscores the same while treating content slightly different. Cheers

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