Web Design Trends for 2020

The new year is upon us and we are looking forward to a bumper year of innovation in design.

With many websites showing the signs of aging (using dated design motifs or just not looking modern), a design change can be just what is needed. Just like equipment needs updating after a few years of good service, your website can also benefit (and therefore your business) by taking a critical look at your website and seeing if it still provides the optimum experience for your visitors and also drives the desired outcomes for your business.

These outcomes vary depending on your business, from prompting enquiries, to page views, the newsletter subscriptions and sales through a shopping cart.

So here are some of the up and coming trends to look for and possibly incorporate into your website


Simplifying Hero Areas

Hero areas are those large images usually at the top of your website to showcase your wonderful services. Often they are richly coloured images with either text embedded, or placed over the top of the image.

Simplifying these hero areas to just text or simple images can bring focus to the message you are trying to impart, but also are much less heavy on the loading time of your website. Speed is becoming more and more important and replacing a large graphic for large bold text could shave a second or more off your load times.


Big, Bold Typography

As a follow on from the text dominated hero areas, using large font sizes through your website is a trend that has been growing and we will likely see more and more of this in the coming year.

Whilst your standard paragraph text on the website should be easily read and relatively standard, headings and titles can be a place to introduce a design aesthetic to your site.

Making this tie in with the rest of content will be key, but you can experiment here both in size and style.

Part of the reason size is important for headings is for mobile. Making headings and subheadings clear by use of a distinctive font can ge a great way of breaking up the scrolling of a page on a mobile device. (especially if it is a one page site design.

However, make sure you test the difference screen sizes well, as you may find some of your words, breaking onto a new line if the font size is too large. Setting different sizes for different screens may be required.



You can make a splash with some fresh unique colour palettes this year. Whether it be bright earthy tones, or something more modern.

Here are some neat palettes you could incorporate into your design


You can find more colour ideas at: https://www.instagram.com/awsmcolor/


So 2020 is the year to big and bold, have a look at your current site and see if it is doing all that you need it to do. If not, start thinking, start planning for your new and exciting website.

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