Search Engine Optimisation – SEO

Search Engine Optimisation – SEO

Having a website is one part of the equation and being found is another.  Search Engine Optimisation dove tails into this very easily, ask us about what we can do for you so your business is no longer in an Internet desert with no roads that lead to it. Getting found on the internet can be one of the hardest things to do. However, being successfully found will bring you many visitors. Most websites are poorly optimised and common mistakes are made that when corrected can make a difference.

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  •  Add Google Analytics if not already present
  •  Initial SEO Review
  •  Profiling 3 Prospective Customers
  •  Google Phrase Research
  •  Content review and modifications
  •  Monthly SEO Reviews based on our findings
  •  Reporting based on Performance
  •  Provide advice and suggestions to improve your website traction
  •  SEO for up to 20 pages and Your Top 40 Products
  • 18 hours of our undivided attention!!!

What makes up SEO?

Search Engine Submissions

Search Engine Submissions

Search Engines are an important part of online marketing. As a large percentage of all enquiries start with a search through Google, Yahoo, Bing and the like you need to make sure you are well represented. »Contact us

Paid Advertising

Pay per Click

Depending on your budget, you may look to paid advertising methods such as Google Adwords

These pay-per-click methods can be very productive for new sites as they allow you to be visible right from the launch of your site. Some of the larger search engines seem to wait a few months to release your website into the main part of their search results especially for generic keywords. »Contact us


Better Rankings and Optimising Your Pages

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Getting your website as high up the rankings as possible is essential if you don’t want to be spending money month after month keeping your site listed.We can optimize your pages to make them as acceptable to the search engines as possible. Changing keywords and helping you write your content with your prospective visitors in mind »Contact us


If there are any other things you want to do with your website, let us know and we can discuss the possibilities with you.